Diving at Gili Divers

Normally we do a two tank trip in the morning which takes around four hours in total. We vary our start time each day depending on the tides and currents and preferred location but normally we start between 7.30 and 11am. One tank trips, three tank trips and afternoon and night dives can also be arranged but it does vary a little on the conditions of course.

vykortsize3Most dives sites are within 45 mins travel time and the closest are just 10 mins. Surface interval we take on the boat or on one of the beautiful beaches or islands for around one hour to 1 ½ hours.

Bira has lots to offer for certified fun divers of all levels. For the experienced there is some exciting currents and big fish, we regularly see reef sharks, plus schools of giant trevally, bumphead parrotfish, eagle rays, stingrays and tuna.

Our pristine healthy reefs normally have visibility of 20m to 30m.

For those who are less prefer a more relaxed pace there are gentle sloping reefs, easy currents and plenty of marine life. We see turtles most days, schooling snappers and barracudas plus lots of macro life like scorpion fish, morays, ribbon eels, pipefish, pigmy seahorse, frogfish and nudibranchs.

We have more than 20 dive sites mapped here in Bira and we do our best to have our divers experience the diversity that is available. Many more dive sites are being explored every week – do you want to join us looking for new sites

Some days we also have an explore the reef day, we travel a little further to places that have never been dived before. We have recently found some great muck diving and also a shallow reef with great macro life so for the adventurous there is plenty of options.

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